Reframing history for a Queerer future.

The first LGBTQ+ arts and media virtual museum of its kind – available free to the public

Reframing history for a Queerer future.

The first LGBTQ+ arts and media virtual museum of its kind – available free to the public


Curated by JOSSLYN GLENN (she/her/ella, Los Angeles)
Josslyn Glenn is a Southern California native and Black Latina transgender filmmaker, writer, spokesperson, and Outfest Programmer dedicated to promoting nuanced representations of queer and trans people of color that have historically been under- and misrepresented in media.

Ace of Hearts

In the first exhibit of its kind, The OutMuseum features shorts and podcasts that seek to normalize the spectrum of relationships ace folks may navigate. Beyond Todd Chavez and Yolanda Buenaventura in Bojack Horseman, Florence in Sex Education, and the many asexual- or aromantic-coded characters in media, a character definitively labeled as asexual and outwardly living their life demonstrates to ace and non-ace folks alike that asexuality does not infer a “lack” of anything

Curated by IVÁN REINA ORTIZ (they/them, Colombia)
Filmmaker and film programmer interested in ethnography, decoloniality and labor. Director of the documentaries “The squatters of The Devil’s House” (Colombia, 2015) and “autoethnography” (Colombia, 2021). They currently work at Cinemateca de Bogotá as film programming coordinator.

Queer Workers of the World, Unite!

As Labor Day is celebrated internationally in May, this programme proposes to look at how contemporary cinema represents LGBTQ+ workers in the times of rainbow capitalism, and also to dream of new ways for togetherness in that often conservative scenario which is the workplace.

Taking Space 

The OutMuseum’s new one-on-one conversation series featuring QTBIPOC film professionals discussing their journeys in the industry.

Pulling Focus

In Pulling Focus, the OutMuseum showcases the queer gaze and the talented queer cinematographers whose visionary eyes bring it to life onscreen. Sculpting light and shadow into compositions that evoke distinct worlds and powerful feelings, their lenses guide audiences through the story while crafting the indelible images that play over and over in your head long after the credits roll. Featuring mini-retrospectives of their short form work alongside a unique Q&A moderated by a director with whom they’ve collaborated, we aim to highlight different queer cinematographers and their incredible contributions to building the visual language of LGBTQ+ cinema.

Let Them Speak: Stories from LGBTQIA+ Youth

With a curated shorts section all centered on youth stories and audio stories from students in states with laws limiting their freedom to be themselves, Let Them Speak hopes to provide an opportunity for the queer youth of this country to be centered in the conversations about their lives.

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