Life Partners
Life Partners
(USA, 2014, 95 min)
Directed By: Susanna Fogel
The longest relationship that best pals Sasha (Leighton Meester, "Gossip Girl") and Paige (Gillian Jacobs, "Community") have ever managed to maintain is with each other. Rapidly approaching their 29th birthdays, the two decide they can't spend the rest of their lives watching "America's Next Top Model" with each other on the couch, so they brave the world of internet dating. While lesbian Sasha fends off the advances of unhinged reality-TV vet Trace (Kate McKinnon, "Saturday Night Live"), Paige hooks up with nerdy Tim (Adam Brody, "The O.C.," DAMSELS IN DISTRESS), who seems like he might be her Mr. Right. Can this friendship be saved? With a hilarious supporting cast including Gabourey Sidibe, Abby Elliott, and Julie White, this riotous look at love and courtship in L.A. reminds us that, gay or straight, we're all in the same leaky love boat together!
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Thu, Jul 10th 6:00pm
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Thu, Jul 10th 8:00pm
Rear Balcony Seating + After Party
Thu, Jul 10th 8:00pm
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