Welcome to the 2016 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival

Christopher and LucyIt’s an election year, and that means powerful forces are out to separate our community from the rest of the world, and even to turn us against each other. Your story, his story, her story, their story – it is all our story. Our collective voice matters.

And what better time or place to revel in our own stories — and to discover the commonalities within our own community — than Outfest Los Angeles? Every year, we urge you to explore and to discover stories that might not, at first, seem to be about your own experience. Take a chance on a movie that doesn’t match your letter in the LGBTQ alphabet soup, and you’ll find that we’re all in the same bowl. Our hope is that you will walk away from this year’s festival with a deeper understanding of the breadth of our community.

Here in Los Angeles, it has been a thriving year for independent production, resulting in films that reflect the geographic and cultural landscape of the city we love. We honor them in our Made in L.A. series. We also spotlight Latin American cinema this year, with an impressive collection of films from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina in our series, Focus on Latin America.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project, from the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest. Over the past five years, we have educated and enabled 75 aspiring filmmakers, ages 16-24, to tell their stories by guiding them through production of their first short film. Additionally, we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of our Platinum section, the destination for admirers of provocative, experimental queer cinema.

Our favorite outdoor movie experience is back! Be among the first to experience the renovated and revitalized Ford Theatres. We bring you vogueing, bears, and a Hollywood blockbuster during our five nights under the stars.

Wherever you join us for films, panels, or receptions, and whether this is your first year at Outfest Los Angeles or your 34th, we hope we can entertain and galvanize you this year. Happy Outfest!

Warm regards,

Christopher Racster, Executive Director

Christopher Racster,
Executive Director

Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, Director of Programming

Lucy Mukerjee-Brown, Director of Programming