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Outfest is the nation’s leading organization that promotes equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBT stories on the screen.

We exist to inspire storytellers, to build community, to promote equality and to change lives. We believe that film and entertainment play a powerful role in ending discrimination against the gay community. Perceptions of and about LGBT people are often defined by what is seen and heard on screens, big and small. Countless men and women come to understand who they are or who they can become through seeing reflections of themselves on screen – others have come to understand an LGBT family member or friend from the stories that have been cultivated and supported by Outfest.

Even today, when the LGBT community is making great strides politically and socially, we continue to face adversity, discrimination and intolerance. Outfest believes that the arts, in particular, make an invaluable contribution to the promise of equality for all LGBT people. Outfest works to address that, promoting equality through the arts and our four core programs. Film and media shape culture, our culture shapes laws, and those laws protect our rights and ensure equality.

By becoming a member, you are investing in our year-round work to inspire artists, create community, promote equality, and change lives. Your membership goes to fund and grants you privileges in the following programs:

Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival is ten days of world-class films, discussions and parties where we have screened over 160 films from across the world to a global audience of up to 40,000 attendees annually. Outfest Los Angeles is a mirror for our community to see and understand ourselves and each other, and a megaphone to carry our stories to the greater community, fostering tolerance and understanding.

Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival spotlights the diversity of LGBT community and celebrates the images and stories that serve and reflect the lives of LGBT people of color. In addition, we seek to support the community through our networking industry program – InFusion, a partnership with NBCUniversal, working to forge meaningful connections between emerging filmmakers of color and established industry professionals.

Outfest UCLA Legacy Project is the only program in the world dedicated to protecting LGBT films for future generations and has amassed an archive of over 30,000 items including narratives, documentaries and irreplaceable personal footage documenting the LGBT experience.

Outfest Forward develops the next generation of artists and filmmakers through education and mentoring, which includes: Outfest Screenwriting Lab, OutSet:The Young Filmmakers Project from LifeWorks and Outfest, InFusion, Fusion Lab, Industry Link and HBO Breakfast Series.

So become a member today and join our community. TOGETHER we can end discrimination towards the LGBT community.

Thank you,

Christopher Racster
Executive Director