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Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival

MARCH 22-23, 2013




7:00pm – Homeboy (REDCAT Theatre)

7:00pm – Fusion Retrospective Shorts (Egyptian Theatre)

7:30pm – Fame (Egyptian Theatre)

9:00pm – My Brother the Devil (REDCAT Theatre)

9:00pm – Strange Frame (Egyptian Theatre)

10:00pm – The DL Chronicles RETURNS (Egyptian Theatre)


12:30pm – White Frog (Egyptian Theatre)

1:00pm – OutSet Shorts (Egyptian Theatre)

3:00pm – Mosquita y Mari (Egytpian Theatre)

3:15pm – Audre Lorde (Egyptian)

5:00pm – Talking with the Taxman About Poetry (Egyptian Theatre)

5:30pm – Christopher Lee Tribute (Egyptian Theatre)

8:00pm – 10th Anniversary Fusion Gala Screening & Party. Outfest presents Angela Robinson with our annual Fusion Achievement Award (Egyptian Theatre)



7:00 pm – REDCAT Theatre

Dir. Dino Dinco, 2011, 56 min
HOMEBOY takes an unprecedented look at the lives of gay Latino men in the Los Angeles area who are former gang members. Through candid one-on-one interviews, the men vividly describe the realization and acceptance of their sexual orientation and desire, and their experience in a culture defined by masculinity, heterosexuality and violence.

Dir. Leon Le, 2012, 10 min
In the dark of a New York City night, preconceived notions steal more than just peace of mind.

7:00 pm – Egyptian Theatre (smaller theater)

Fusion 10th Anniversary Shorts
The Fusion Film Festival was founded to celebrate and support filmmaking devoted to bringing stories of queer people of color to the screen. In the decade since Fusion’s inaugural festival, we have had the honor of presenting the very best and most beloved films of queer people of color. This retrospective program is a sweet and poignant look back at the first decade of Fusion. See the stories that made us laugh, turned us on, brought us to tears and reminded us of our own struggles and triumphs.

Pura Lengua
Dir. Aurora Guerrero, 2004, 11 min
The blossoming of a young Xicana poet following a heart-breaking traumatic experience.

Dir. Sharon Barnes, 2007, 11 min
Fighter AJ, an oil wrestler, is on a mission to rescue her girl from the clutches of a gay reformatory.

The Bath
Dir. Lee Mi-rang, 2007, 20 min
Two sisters share a poignant moment of realization, and work to overcome the space between them at a public bath house.

The Queen
Dir. Christina Choe, 2009, 8 min
Bobby, a Korean-American teenage outcast, is working at his parents’ dry cleaners on prom weekend. When the prom queen and her boyfriend stop by with their dress and tuxedo, Bobby has his own prom to remember.

The Kissing Bandito
Dir. Augie Robles, 1995, 2 min
A young boy relays his busy day at school.

El Abuelo
Dir. Dino Dinco, 2008, 3 min
An intimate portrait of local educator and poet Joe Jimenez, shot on location in San Antonio, Texas.

The Young And Evil
Dir. Julian Breece, 2008, 15 min
A highly intelligent but troubled gay black teen sets out to seduce an HIV-positive prevention advocate into giving him the virus.

Dir. Marlon Riggs, 1990, 10 min
Marlon Riggs’ poetic 1990 documentary captures the hopes, fears and desires that ignite an era past.

7:30pm – Egyptian Theatre

Dir. Alan Parker, 1980, 134 min
This sexy, gritty musical about ambitious teenagers looking to launch their show business careers at the legendary New York High School for the Performing Arts became a global phenomenon, winning two Academy Awards (for both its score and unforgettable title song) and spawning a TV series, stage musical and remake. A multi-cultural cast of talented actors, singers and dancers — including Irene Cara, Gene Anthony Ray, Barry Miller and Debbie Allen — create some of the most vibrant musical sequences ever captured on film. (And keep an eye peeled for a young Isaac Mizrahi, who was a student at the real-life high school during production.) Remember!

9:00pm – Egyptian Theatre

Strange Frame: Love & Sax
Dir. G.B. Hajim, 2013, 98 min
Calling all queer cyberpunk freaks, sci-fi lovers and fans of Octavia Butler: this you do not want to miss! Set on Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, this gorgeous animated story follows Naia, a feisty singer-songwriter who falls for saxophonist Parker. A queer Afro-Futuristic time-warping race against impossible odds featuring an other-worldly original score along with sexy, mystical creatures brought to life with the voice talents of Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Tim Curry, and the iconic George Takei.

9:00pm – REDCAT Theatre

My Brother The Devil
Dir. Sally El Hosaini, 2012, 101 min
This moving story about two British Arab brothers in London follows Mo, a lonely, sensitive boy who idolizes his older brother, Rashid, a charismatic, well-respected member of a local gang. Aching to be seen as a tough guy himself, Mo takes a job that unlocks a fateful turn of events and forces the brothers to confront their inner demons. Rich in beauty, humanity and authenticity, MY BROTHER THE DEVIL is an urban tale that burns with vision and passion. Winner of the World Cinema Cinematography Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and Grand Jury Award for Outstanding International Dramatic Feature Film at Outfest 2012.

Divorcio 2005/2012
Dir. Jacinto Astiazarán, 2012, 7 min
A reprisal of an episode of a feisty Spanish-language divorce court with a secret queer transcript at play.

10:00pm – Egyptian Theatre

The DL Chronicles Returns, Chadwick Journals & Hot Guys With Guns
Dir. Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear; Dir. Doug Spearman

This eventful slate of eye candy features new episodes, webisodes, and a sneak peek of delicious manhood. The latest installment of Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear’s sultry drama “The DL Chronicles,” filled with hot-bodied brothas working the down-low circuit —and the winner of two Fusion Audience Awards and one GLAAD Award — does not disappoint, and the gorgeousness continues with Gossett and LeNear’s new web series, “The Chadwick Journals,” which explores the DL life through a dangerously sensuous encounter between a writer and his subject. As a special bonus, we’ll top off the program with a preview of selected scenes from Doug Spearman’s (“Noah’s Arc”) upcoming sexy comedy HOT GUYS WITH GUNS.



12:30pm – Egyptian Theatre

White Frog
Dir. Quentin Lee, 2012, 93 min
After the death of his popular brother Chaz (Harry Shum, Jr., “Glee”), Nick (Booboo Stewart, Twilight) struggles to carry on. Nick’s parents (B.D. Wong and Joan Chen) have their own problems coping with the loss, but Chaz’s best friend Randy takes Nick under his wing. As Chaz’s family comes to understand his secret life, they will be forced to reconcile the boy they thought they knew with the man he really was.

1:00pm – Egyptian Theatre

OutSet Shorts
Outfest is thrilled to present the second class of OutSet, the Young Filmmakers Project from LifeWorks and Outfest, created to empower and educate LGBT youth to tell their stories through film. Fifteen LGBTQ youth aged 16-24 years old participated in a filmmaking lab over the span of three months, taught by industry professionals and mentored by Outfest Alumni Filmmakers. Don’t miss the inspiring screening of five short films written, directed, produced and edited by a new generation of storytellers. Stick around for a great reception to celebrate this accomplishment after the screening.

3:00pm – Egyptian Theatre

Mosquita y Mari
Dir. Aurora Guerrero, 2012, 85 min
Studious, sweet-natured 15-year-old Yolanda feels the pressure to succeed under the eyes of her hard-working, immigrant parents. When she meets her new neighbor, the feisty and alluring, BMX-riding Mari, Yolanda’s humdrum high school routine gets a jolt. The two girls don’t have much in common on the surface but they become fast friends and their deep bond develops into a tension that neither one expected nor quite knows how to handle. MOSQUITA Y MARI, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, marks an impressive feature film debut from writer-director Aurora Guerrero, whose shorts have screened at both Outfest and Fusion. The atmospheric beauty and authenticity of Guerrero’s vision is deeply rooted in the cityscapes and community of Huntington Park, while skilled lead performances by Fenessa Pineda and Venecia Troncoso embody the awkwardness and cautious desire of two teenage girls experiencing love and desire for the first time. Winner of the Audience Award for Outstanding First U.S. Dramatic Feature Film and Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film at Outfest 2012.

3:15pm – Egyptian Theatre

Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years
Dir. Dagmar Shultz, 2012, 81 min
Famed lesbian African-American poet Audre Lorde empowered women to create allies within German society and abroad. She also became an important voice of support for South African women during their struggles against apartheid. Twenty years after her passing, never-before-seen archives reveal the private life and passions of the award-winning, influential woman who ignited a worldwide movement. Exploring her brilliant writings and her inspiration to feminist lesbians around the world, Lorde’s profound legacy is honored in this engrossing film.

Dir. Chinoonye Chu Kwu, 2013, 7 min
A sweet moment between girlfriends takes an intense turn.

Dir. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, 2012, 2 min
A meditation on the power and beauty of tears.

5:00pm – Egyptian Theatre

Talking with the Taxman About Poetry
Dir. Lamont Pierre, 2012, 90 min
When an unconventional elementary school teacher (Kareem Ferguson) loses his job he meets a charming trumpet player (Steph Jones) who coaxes him out of his shell. Through jazz and the written word these men open up to each other but not without risking their pride. Their encounter awakens the artistic and sexual impulses of a frustrated author who dances that fine line between madness and brilliance.

Dir. Andrew Huang, 2012, 10 min
An experimental fantasy filled with elaborate costumes, stunning visual effects, and underwater puppets about otherworldly beings whose minds and bodies converge into one entity designed to transport viewers through a hypnotic, dream-like experience.

5:30pm – Egyptian Theatre (smaller theater)

Tribute To Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee was a groundbreaking and transgressive filmmaker whose work touched many lives. His films Trappings of Transhood and Alley of the Tranny Boys were just part of his varied résumé — he was co-founder of Tranny Fest (which evolved into the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival) and also the first FTM grand marshall of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade. Devoting his energy to art and activism alike, he is remembered by his many friends and peers as a unifying force in the trans community, and his films resonate as boldly honest and fearless documentation of trans identity and sexuality. His tragic death by suicide at the age of 48 took him from us all too soon, but his work as a filmmaker and as a political force will continue to have an impact in the decades to come. As part of this tribute, we will screen both Trappings of Transhood and Alley of the Tranny Boys. Q Rating for explicit content.

8pm – Egyptian Theatre

Gala Shorts
Chance meetings in the wilderness, love lost despite best intentions, and epic fails that forge stronger and deeper bonds make this year’s Gala Shorts program spectacular. Filmmakers from L.A. to Vietnam bring us stories that will quicken our heartbeats, make us dab away the tears, inspire hearty laughter, and let us revel in a little romance.

Heart’s Mouth
Dir. Erica Cho, 2013, 3 min
This chance encounter amidst lush greenery is a dance of queer-transgender desire.

Forgiving Heart
Dir. Adelina Anthony, 2013, 13 min
This throwback to the mid-’80s stays true to the music and fashion of the era and movingly captures the social pressures of high school that defy time and place.

Rookie and the Runner
Dir. Augie Robles, 2012, 10 min
A yearning for afternoon delight in a public park puts a wily young jogger’s stamina to the test.

Uncle and Son
Dir. Dinh Anh Nguyen, 2012, 15 min
This Vietnamese fable brought to life shows how a young boy’s naïveté threatens the precious bond that he and his uncle share.

Kimchi Fried Dumplings
Dir. Jason Karman, 2012, 15 min
The tension between brothers reaches a boiling point when they all come together to celebrate Christmas with their aging parents.

The First Date
Dir. Janella Lacson, 2012, 7 min
When commiserating in the bathroom goes wrong…this playful film sweetly captures the awkwardness and excitement of new love. Winner of the Audience Award for Outstanding Dramatic Short Film at Outfest 2012.

Maybe Next Season
Dir. Lex Kennedy, 2012, 7 min
Andrew arranges a fancy dinner under the stars to introduce his family to his boyfriend Dante. If the quaint setting doesn’t soften them up, maybe something else will.

Rad Queers: Payasos L.A.
Dir. Graham Kolbeins, 2013, 9 min
A playful yet inspiring documentary about a group of Latino go-go dancers who bring a clown aesthetic to the leather scene.

The Fusion Party
Join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Outfest Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival! We’ll gather together under the open sky in the courtyard of the historic Egyptian Theatre for dancing, mingling, and toasting our collective loveliness. For your pleasure we’ll offer cocktails and treats and some custom grooves to slide up next to that sexy someone.

Fusion Achievement Award Winner – Angela Robinson
Outfest is honored to present its annual Fusion Achievement Award to writer, director and producer Angela Robinson. In a relatively short period of time, Robinson has already distinguished herself as a prolific filmmaker comfortable in a variety of both genres and media, as she moves back and forth between film, television and the web. Her short film D.E.B.S. drew sufficient acclaim to provide Robinson the opportunity to make her feature debut with an expanded version of the action-comedy about schoolgirl super-spies and the villainesses who love them. Premiering at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, D.E.B.S. opened many doors to Robinson, on the big screen (with Herbie: Fully Loaded, she became the first out lesbian to direct a Disney family comedy), the small screen (she has multiple episodes of hits like The L Word, True Blood and Hung, among others, to her credit) and the web, where she created the outrageous “Girltrash!” series that led to the upcoming feature Girltrash: All Night Long!, which Robinson wrote and produced). Outfest salutes Angela Robinson for an accomplished career that remains very much still in progress.


The Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Recommended Parking: Numerous parking lots in the neighborhood, prices range from $8 – $15.

Public Transportation: Take the Red Line to Hollywood/Highland. Walk one block east.

REDCAT Theatre

631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Recommended Parking: Parking is available in the Walt Disney Concert Hall parking garage. Enter from 2nd St. and proceed to level P3 for direct access to REDCAT. The evening event rate Monday – Friday is $9 after 4:00pm, $5 after 8pm. $9 flat rate on weekends.

Public Transportation: Take the Metro Red Line to the Civic Center Station. Proceed west on 1st St., turn left (south) on Grand Ave., and turn right (west) again on 2nd Street. The REDCAT entrance is at the corner of 2nd and Hope Streets.


Tickets available at or by clicking on “Buy Tickets” under each program in the Film Schedule.

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  • Youth age 21 and under: FREE


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  • Youth age 21 and under: FREE

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  • Apply to participate in InFusion – a symposium led by industry professionals for emerging writers, directors, and producers focused on LGBT People of color, presented by NBCUniversal.

Fusion Lab

  • Fusion Lab is a pop-up shop style micro-cinema and media lab in Highland Park, open from March 8 – 30. Supported by a grant from the Irvine Foundation, Fusion lab hosts screenings, filmmaking workshops taught by Outfest alumni, and workstations with cameras and editing software. Visit the Lab at 5503 North Figueroa Street (90045).






Outfest Fusion is grateful for community organizations that are partnering with us to get the word out about the film festival. A full list of Community Collaborators will be announced on March 15.