Episodic Showcase


We are entering a time where queer and trans stories are more represented than ever in episodic content. From the gay mafia brought to life with a wink in “Enemies of Dorothy” to a young man’s earnest exploration of polyamory in “Triads,” this sampler of series encompasses so many of the queer and trans realities that we experience today. Join us for a 90-minute journey in asking one question: How do our LGBTQ identities intersect, and how do we move forward together as a movement? These shows explore the many answers to that question. Catch them here first: you’ll be sure to binge when they’re greenlit!


Broad Strokes  (Dir: Philip Vernon, 17 min)

Triads (Dir: Matt Mcclelland, 24 min)

Quare Life (Dir: Jessica King, 10 min)

Brothers (Dir: Emmett Jack Lundberg & Sheyam Ghieth, 12 min)

The Strivers (Dir: Guy Shalem, 20 min)

The T (Dir: Deven Casey & Daniel Kyri, 14 min)

Enemies of Dorothy (Dir: Ryan Fisher & Christopher Smith Bryant, 3 min)

MON | July 16 | DGA 2 | 7:15 PM