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Docs @ 5

Outfest’s early evening documentary series investigates a wide range of stories about the LGBT community. Through the lens of five extraordinary films, we’re able to experience the activism of a tight0knit group of lesbian separatists from the 70s and 80s, side-splitting comedy from a transman, the pioneering performances of James Broughton, music from the legend James Booker and the athletic heroism of Diana Nyad as she attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida. These protraits unfold in thrilling detail with a spirit and energy that highlights the best of the human spirit.



Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker
(USA, 2013, 93 mins)
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Lily Keber
TUE | JULY 16 | 5:00pm | DGA 2

Brilliant gay jazz pianist James Booker was known at various points in his career as the Black Liberace, the Ivory Emperor and Little Chopin. Yet his incredible, tumultuous life has never received proper attention – until now.
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The Other Shore
Documentary Features
(USA, 2013, 96 mins)
In Spanish, English with English subtitles
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Timothy Wheeler
FRI | JULY 19 | 5:00 pm | DGA 2

In the 1970s, long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad became a media sensation, completing a record-setting swim circling Manhattan and a 102-mile, 27-hour swim from the Bahamas to Florida. When she retired at age 30, she only regretted not making it from Cuba to Key West — a punishing journey across treacherous, shark-infested waters. Fast-forward 30 years: at 60, Diana feels compelled to revive her dream.
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Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton
Documentary Features
(USA, 2012, 83 mins)
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Eric Slade, Stephen Silha, Dawn Logsdon
MON |  JULY 15 | 5:00 pm |DGA 2

A leading light in the postwar San Francisco Renaissance, James Broughton was an omnisexual poet and filmmaker. His reverence for unbridled joy through childlike creativity and silliness put him perfectly in tune with the flowering of free-spirited experimentation in the 1960s, of which his film The Bed (1968) is a cultural milestone. Big Joy features a wealth of archival footage and original interviews with key people from Broughton’s life, including poignant testimony from his wife as well as the younger male lover with whom he found a powerful connection late in life.
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Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution
Lesbiana – une revolution parallele
Documentary Features
(Canada, 2012, 63 mins)
In French, English with English subtitles
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Myriam Fougere
 SCR: Myriam Fougere
WED | JULY 17 | 5:00 pm | DGA 2

Growing out of the civil rights and feminist upheavals of the 60s, the lesbian-feminist movement caught fire in the 1970s, with a flowering of bookstores, communes, philosophical theory, political debate, music, sexual experimentation, performance, witch craft and more. Director Myriam Fougère tracks down the women at the forefront of the movement, now vibrant elders, who discuss hot-button issues such as separatism and the different experiences of white lesbians and lesbians of color. You won’t want to miss these inspiring women’s profound personal stories of emancipation and self-transformation.
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Ian Harvie Superhero
Documentary Features
(USA, 2013, 71 mins)
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Liam Sullivan
 SCR: Ian Harvie
THURS | JULY 18 | 5:00 pm | DGA 2
You may know Ian Harvie as Margaret Cho’s opening act, a cross-country headliner or a groundbreaking trans comedian unafraid to joke about subjects no other comedian has ever touched. Now Harvie (with the help of executive producer Cho) unveils his first-ever live standup comedy special, poking fun at topics from top surgery to his fear of public restrooms to his active sex life. Harvie’s unique act queers the traditionally macho, sex-obsessed world of stand up in ways you won’t believe, proving that laughter cuts across all gender identities and ultimately unites us all.
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