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A love letter to Outfest from Meg Roberts

To everyone responsible for making Outfest a reality,

I wanted to give my most sincere and heartfelt thank you. Last year I attended Outfest for the first time. I was still deep in the closet and only two of my closest friends knew I was a lesbian and I had no plans of telling anyone for a long time. I was wracked with worry my secret would be outed and I actually started to become physically ill. The people I was most sure that I would hide it from were my parents. Being raised in a Catholic home I was sure they would be upset and disappointed. My parents were ardent supporters of Prop 8…I’m talking bumper stickers and banners in the lawn!

But on that fateful Saturday morning, as I sat in the Outfest theater and watched “Any Day Now”, that all changed. I was so outraged by that movie…so incensed by the absolute homophobia and inequality gay and lesbian people have endured that I decided right then and there that I was going to make a difference. I decided that I was going to go home and I would tell my parents who I was…because the next time that any kind of anti-gay legislation came up they wouldn’t be voting about some invisible and anonymous gay person…they would be voting about their daughter. I decided that there was no better day to come out than today. As I was leaving the theater I decided to be a part of one of the films you were doing for the 30th anniversary…about our Outfest story. I shared my story and what I was going to do.

Well I went home the very next day and I did exactly that. I told my parents and every other person close to me that I was a lesbian. I have begun to heal physically, I met the love of my life and true soul mate, and I have never in my life been more happy. And tonight another amazing thing happened. My dad…prop 8 champion…Former Knights of Columbus Navigator and several other high ranking positions…Catholic…MY DAD…told me he is going to start a Gay and Lesbian Family support group at his church. He said I was his inspiration and I really just can’t believe it! And I had to thank you guys…for probably saving my life if at least not my health and sanity. Thank you for having this venue that little closeted people can go to to see films about themselves…and see that life out of the closet is so much more fulfilling and it isn’t as scary as it seems. Thank you for helping me find the courage to come out. I am so proud of myself and my dad…and I just had to share it with you and thank you for starting the seed.

If you know of a way I can send my story to the people responsible for creating “Any Day Now”…I would like them to know how much their movie changed my life too…I would be even more grateful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Forever in your debt and eternally grateful,
Meg Roberts

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